Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). As a project preparation facility, it helps secondary cities in Asia and the Pacific prepare bankable and sustainable infrastructure investments. It receives funding support from Austria, European Union, France, Germany, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund.


The Kochi Water Metro is an example of how inland waterway transport can not only improve commuting but also contribute to climate goals.


A project in Georgia shows how cities can take practical steps to improve inclusive mobility and access to transport services.


Mainstream gender inclusion and climate resilience into infrastructure development to improve quality of life and meet sustainability goals.


Integrating capacity building and human-centered interventions into the preparation of infrastructure projects helps cities meet sustainable goals.

Case Study

In the People’s Republic of China, rehabilitation of the Simao River took an ecological and green development path and was integrated into city plans.