Who We Are

Development Asia is the Asian Development Bank's knowledge collaboration platform for sharing development experience and expertise, best practices, and technologies relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals. We also provide opportunities to interact with experts, policy makers, and other practitioners in related fields.

We are an open community of professionals, government officials, civil society organizations, researchers, and students interested in economic and social development at a national level.

What We Do

We work with ADB’s partners and clients to share solutions to development challenges – from small detailed fixes on specific projects to development policies and big picture strategies that address broader economic and societal issues. We welcome those from other regions who are willing to collaborate and share their own solutions.




The Asia and Pacific region is expected to face the most disruptive and exciting period over the next 20 years, characterized by shifting economic power, accelerating technological change, and system-wide transformation. At the same time, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are increasingly becoming guiding principles for the allocation of public resources and implementation of policy measures.

ADB’s relevance as a development organization is anchored on its long-standing involvement in this region that has resulted in a deep institutional relationship with its developing member countries (DMCs). From this relationship has emerged ADB’s value addition – of intimate knowledge of the country context drawn from all the development operations it has on the ground.

Launched in 2017, Development Asia is our platform for sharing everything we know about project design and implementation, the transfer of technology and good practices, and more generally the sharing of knowledge, skills, and expertise accumulated from over 50 years of experience.

Knowledge sharing is absolutely critical to innovating institutions, building capacity and creating sustainable solutions for greater growth and equity. Through our content and online communities, our goal is create a space that allows like-minded development experts, decision makers, and critical thinkers to share, connect and collaborate, creating a real ‘marketplace’ for development solutions and ideas.




We welcome partners whose content is generally in line with our mission: to provide practical, how-to development solutions through best practice cases, technology applications, and policy studies. Development Asia serves as a common platform for sharing content from partners. 

All of our content, including those provided by our partners, is associated with an expert. All experts consent to provide a photo and bio. This practice ensures that Development Asia is as much a community of experts as it is a platform of solutions-based content.

We promote partner content on social media and within the wide network of ADB.

Development Asia provides knowledge solutions using a select number of templates. For your submission and inquiries, contact us at info@development.asia