What They Are

Contents are labeled under five different types for sharing the development experiences of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and its knowledge partners. The content types help users determine if a piece offers in-depth analysis such as case study, policy brief and summary, or an expert’s perspectives and opinions such as explainer and insight.

  • A case study describes project- and/or program-level knowledge solutions from best practices, technology applications, and applied innovation. It narrates the issues, their context, solutions applied, measurable outcomes and impacts, lessons learned, and recommendations for possible replication under a similar context.
  • An explainer describes often complex concepts, new technical terms, or economic and social development issues relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also explains how a new or innovative technology works to address development challenges related to achieving the SDGs.
  • An insight shares the opinions and ideas of experts in the development field, promoting a data-driven and evidence-based approach for informed decision making. The experts present diverse perspectives on a subject through convincing supporting arguments and the implications of these arguments toward achieving the SDGs.
  • A policy brief shares the economic and social policy experiences of ADB member countries and beyond. It focuses on surfacing how public problems or issues are defined under what context, the underlying causal relationships, the policy options being considered, the institutional arrangement for implementing the policy options, and whether the policies have achieved the intended outcomes or not. They present recommendations based on the analysis of the policy design, implementation, and outcomes.
  • A summary highlights key content from a publication, white paper, academic journal, analysis report, technical note, guideline, or toolkit. It gives readers a quick overview of whether the contents are relevant to their search for solutions as well as links to the original documents and other related materials.

How We Share

All of our contents follow a journalistic approach, rather than an academic approach, in sharing the key lessons and knowhow from development experiences. This allows us to reduce the time searching for relevant materials and/or right expert to engage in deeper analyses and discussions in finding solutions together. Please download the appropriate content template for your guidance when developing your knowledge solution to share with the Development Asia community.

Contact us at info@development.asia if you want to share your development experience and knowhow through Development Asia.