Lanlan Lu
Senior Project Officer, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank

Lanlan Lu specializes in climate change and energy at ADB’s resident mission in the People’s Republic of China. Her work includes climate financing-related technical assistance and projects in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and low-carbon district heating. She has conducted research on the optimal pathway for low-carbon transition of the greater Beijing, Hebei, and Tianjin region. She is an honorary senior research fellow at University College London and holds a PhD in Management Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University.

Case Study

A smart, distributed district energy system uses multiple clean energy sources and real-time demand response technology to cut emissions and save energy.

Case Study

In the People’s Republic of China, biogas plants supply electricity to livestock farms using their wastes and produce organic fertilizer for eco-farming.

Case Study

Online training of caregivers using a popular mobile app and a digital monitoring and assessment platform help improve the quality of services.


Shifting to a low-carbon economy entails drastic reductions in fossil fuel use and emissions as well as structural adjustments.